3X upgrades cloud storage appliances

Posted on January 11, 2011 By Dave Simpson


By Dave Simpson

3X Systems today announced enhancements to its 500 Series and Tera Series of remote backup appliances (RBAs), which are targeted at SMBs. New features include bare metal recovery, granular Exchange recovery, and support for virtual environments.

In a 3X scenario, organizations do an initial backup (seed) of the appliances, and then the appliances are moved offsite, typically to a remote facility or a third-party services facility. Changed data is subsequently backed up over the Internet. A Locator Service, hosted by 3X Systems, finds all backed up devices, including mobile devices. 3X officials refer to the RBAs as private cloud storage.

Integrated functionality includes client-side data deduplication, compression, encryption and block-level backup.

The new features are part of the 3.0 release of the appliances. Bare metal recovery enables protection of an entire system image, including settings, applications and data.

“It’s image-based backup, not file-by-file, so the time to recover is much faster,” says Alan Arman, 3X Systems’ CEO.

Granular, or “brick level,” Exchange recovery enables users to recover individual mailboxes or emails without the need for an Exchange recovery setup, according to Arman.

The other key enhancement in the 3.0 release is support for virtualization platforms from VMware, Microsoft and Oracle. 3X’s cloud storage appliances enable physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual-to-physical (V2P) and physical-to-physical (P2P) recovery with dissimilar hardware.

The 500 Series appliances can store up to 500GB, and pricing starts at $2,495 for a 100GB version. The Tera Series appliances are priced at $13,000 for a maximum capacity of 1.6TB. A 10TB version is expected next month.

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