Taneja Group Lab Review: Cirtas' Bluejet

From time to time, storage solutions show up with promises that appear too good to be true.  This is particularly true in the cloud storage market, which is an area that the Taneja Group has been taking a close look at recently. 

Many of the cloud storage solutions come from new vendors that promise to make the cloud more accessible and more readily usable by mainstream enterprises.  Such solutions promise to solve the challenges that have in the past been unsolvable by even the largest vendors by simultaneously tackling tasks such as data transmission optimization, capacity optimization, remote storage synchronization, caching and more.  Too good to be true?

To find out, we put one cloud storage gateway – the Cirtas’ Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller– to the test.  Like other solutions in its class, the Bluejet is designed to make storage at the remote end of a wire (in the cloud) usable inside the data center walls.  However, Cirtas promises to go a bit further and make that storage so usable it could effectively be primary storage, while still unlocking the seamless scalability and offsite protection advantages of cloud storage. 

Moreover, Cirtas also optimizes the primary cost components of cloud storage: the transmission and storage of data.  By shrinking data that is transmitted and stored in the cloud, the cloud becomes even cheaper, and when unleashed within the data center walls – with none of the cabling and racking required by traditional storage – the recipe for next generation, cost-effective storage seems to be written.

To see whether such promises hold water, the Taneja Group’s Technology Validation testing services group put two Cirtas Bluejet systems to the test, and hammered them with everything from file data to backup jobs to Microsoft JetStress on VMware ESX4.1 hypervisors. 

Our findings?  The promises bear out, but you can read more about it in this abstract on the Taneja Group website, or access the full report on the Cirtas website.  –Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director of validation services, Taneja Group.

This article was originally published on March 09, 2011