Silver Peak ships WANop virtual appliance for data centers

Posted on November 16, 2010


By Dave Simpson

November 16, 2010 – Together with the launch of the 4.0 release of its operating software, Silver Peak introduced a virtual appliance for WAN optimization today that the company claims is the first to deliver enterprise-class (data center) features. Previous virtual appliances for WAN optimization were targeted primarily at remote branch offices.

Silver Peak’s VRX-8 virtual appliance runs as a virtual machine (VM) on VMware ESX. The company claims performance of up to 1Gbps (end-to-end, or LAN-to-WAN), and is primarily targeting replication applications in business continuity and disaster recovery environments.

The VRX-8 supports replication products from vendors such as Dell (EqualLogic line), EMC (SRDF/A, RecoverPoint, Celerra Replicator), Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi Universal Replicator and Hitachi NAS Replication), NetApp (SnapMirror) and 3PAR’s replication products.

As do Silver Peak’s NX line of physical appliances and VX line of virtual appliances, the VRX-8 leverages the company’s Network Acceleration technology to minimize WAN latency, Network Integrity to address packet delivery issues, and Network Memory deduplication to maximize WAN bandwidth utilization.

The VRX-8 virtual appliance for WAN optimization is priced at $69,995, and requires the 4.0 release of Silver Peak’s operating software.

4.0 enhancements

In addition to the VRX-8, Silver Peak added about 60 enhancements in the 4.0 release of its software, the most significant of which relate to data deduplication, application-specific dashboards, and support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V, according to Larry Cormier, Silver Peak’s senior vice president of marketing.

Silver Peak claims an average 50% improvement in data deduplication ratios with the 4.0 release vs. the 3.2 release.

“A 50% improvement in data deduplication significantly cuts down the amount of data going over the pipe, thus freeing up bandwidth for other applications,” says Cormier.

Silver Peak’s Network Memory is real-time deduplication technology that operates at the byte level, as opposed to approaches that deduplicate at the block level.

Also in the 4.0 release, Silver Peak added customizable dashboards that are designed to provide more visibility into replication operations, from the application layer down.

Lastly, Silver Peak introduced support for Hyper-V in the 4.0 release of its operating software. Specifically, Hyper-V is supported on the company’s VX-1000 virtual appliances for branch offices (up to 4Mbps and 8,000 simultaneous sessions).

The 4.0 software release will ship on all new NX, VX and VRX appliances in December, and will be available as a free upgrade for customers with existing maintenance contracts.

Silver Peak’s resellers include EMC (which represents about 20% of Silver Peak’s revenue), Hitachi Data Systems and Dell/EqualLogic. Silver Peak also has joint marketing agreements with vendors such as IBM, NetApp, Symantec and others.

Silver Peak competes primarily with Riverbed.

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