Open source alternatives for storage applications

Posted on January 18, 2011


Open source software is available for a variety of storage applications, including backup, NAS, data warehouses, compression, encryption, data destruction and other applications. An article recently posted on InfoStor partner site Datamation takes a look at 50 open source software applications, many of which provide alternatives to commercial storage applications. Here’s a sampling:

Backup: Amanda, Areca Backup, Bacula, Clonezilla, Create Synchronicity, FOG, Partimage, Redo

Compression: 7-zip, KGB Archiver, PeaZip

Data destruction: BleachBit, Darik’s Boot and Nuke, Eraser, FileKiller, Wipe

NAS: FreeNAS, Gluster, Openfiler, Turnkey Linux

If you’re open to open source software, read the full story on Datamation: “50 Open Source Replacements for Storage Software”

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