Computex - OCZ Revodrive 3 - Coolness in PCIe form

By Jeffrey Layton

I admit it, I'm a speed junkie. I love great IO speed. As you may have read, I just switched to an SSD on my laptop and love it! I also love the time of year when Computex comes around because there is always some cool stuff coming out. This year's Computex is no disappointment.

While I didn't get to go to Computex, one thing that did stand out in my readings was a new PCIe-based SSD from OCZ called the RevoDrive 3. This may not sound really revolutionary, and at first glance it's not. However, let me explain. In past PCIe-based SSDs, OCZ used a PCIX chip on the card to interface to the on-board SSDs. This adds cost and complexity, and it could either limit or retard performance. In the new RevoDrive 3, they switched to an all-PCIe based card with all of the obvious resulting benefits.

In addition, the card has two SandForce 2281 controllers. I think the SandForce controllers with their real-time data compression have some great performance potential. Sure, the performance depends upon the compressibility of the data, but that is one of the truly cool things about this controller. Plus, the random write IOPS performance is really amazing. Many people underestimate the important of random write IOPS in driving application performance.

Even better, according to Anandtech, a 240GB version of this card will cost about $599. That has to be one of the least expensive PCIe cards I've heard of (just a hair over $2/GB). With performance hitting the mark of 700 MB/s writes and 900 MB/s read along with 120,000 4KB IOPS, the performance looks amazing.

Maybe Christmas will come early to Jeff?

This article was originally published on June 03, 2011