Dell Focuses on Flash with Storage Center Operating System 7

By Pedro Hernandez

Dell today announced the release of Storage Center Operating System 7 (SCOS 7), the latest update the storage software used in the company's SC series arrays.

Dell's SC series storage hardware hails from its acquisition of Compellent. The deal, worth $940 million, was announced in 2010 and was completed in early 2011. In the years since, flash has made serious inroads into the mainstream enterprise storage market. In response, Dell is releasing a newer, flash-friendlier version of SCOS.

The update, which the company claims took three years to bring to fruition, is currently available as a free firmware upgrade for customers under a support contract.

"Dell's SC Series has always been an extremely progressive storage platform – and SCOS 7 is by far our most revolutionary software release to date. We designed the SC platform from the ground up to be future ready and this release takes flash, deduplication and system intelligence to the next level," remarked said Alan Atkinson, vice president and general manager of Dell Storage, in a prepared statement.

The company plans to roll out the new software to the entire SC lineup in the third quarter of 2016. Most of the features included in SCOS 7 currently work with Dell's high-end SC9000 systems today.

Those features include a suite of data-reduction technologies to help enterprises fit more data into both their flash, disk and hybrid storage systems. SCOS 7 features block-level compression and Dell's patented Intelligent Deduplication, providing data reduction rates of up to 10:1 when used in tandem, further lowering the cost of keeping data on all-flash arrays.

The new Live Migrate feature enables multi-array federation as a standard feature for SC family of arrays starting with the SC4020. Live Migrate allows administrators to move volumes between arrays and rebalance their storage environments and conditions or requirements dictate without incurring downtime or requiring extra virtualization hardware or software, according to Dell. Other features include new automated quality of service capabilities and support for VMware's Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) virtual machine storage provisioning technology.

SCOS 7's release also marks a major change for Dell's storage management and monitoring solution, Dell Enterprise Manager.

David Glynn, a technical solutions engineer at Dell, announced that Dell Enterprise Manager had been officially rebranded as Dell Storage Manager (DSM) in a blog post today. "With many Dell Storage customers having both PS Series and SC Series arrays, we've unified the platforms under one interface and added day-to-day management of PS Series. DSM provides a single user interface for provisioning storage and much more," he wrote. Also included is a technical preview of DSM's upcoming HTML 5-based interface.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

This article was originally published on May 19, 2016