EMC Expands All-Flash XtremIO Storage with Starter X-Brick

By Pedro Hernandez

EMC took the wraps off a downsized version of its all-flash XtremIO arrays.

Appropriately named Starter X-Brick, the 6U system offers 5 TB of flash capacity (13 SSDs) to start and can be expanded to 10 TB (25 SSDs). By comparison, standard single X-Brick configurations ship with either 10 TB or 20 TB of capacity.

XtremIO Starter X-Bricks, which provide "the full performance and data services of a standard XtremIO array in a low-cost 5TB configuration," according to EMC, are available now.

EMC hasn't neglected the rest of the XtremIO product lineup, however.

Also available now are writeable snapshots. The technology enables organizations to deliver sandboxed application development and testing environments, data analytics and "near-CDP capabilities for data protection." XtremIO now boasts inline data at rest encryption, safeguarding all data that resides on the array.

The company is also adding new data services and performance enhancements to existing and upcoming X-Bricks with the upcoming release of XtremIO 3.0, scheduled to ship later this quarter.

The storage software update supports 100 percent inline compression, enabling an up to 4X increase in usable flash capacity. In an EMC-supplied example, the company claimed that 90 TB XtremIO clusters will soon be able to effectively support up to 540 TB of capacity with 6:1 data reduction rates made possible by the combination of the new inline compression capabilities and built-in data deduplication.

Customers should also notice snappier performance from their XtremIO arrays. The company claims that XtremIO 3.0 boosts OLTP database performance by nearly 1.5X and data warehouse throughput by 2X. The time it takes to clone virtual machine is slashed in half.

This quarter, customers will be able to order larger XtremIO clusters of up to six 20 TB X-Bricks. The new 12-controller setup offers 50 percent more capacity and improves IOPS performance by 50 percent.

Finally, XtremIO is becoming more fully integrated into the EMC ecosystem. The storage platform now supports EMC's ViPR SRM (storage resource management). This quarter will bring support for EMC's ViPR software-defined storage platform and VSPEX private cloud solution.

The updates arrive just six months after the all-flash hardware made a splash in the enterprise storage market, according to EMC.

After starting shipments in November (excluding early access customers), the company has racked up $100 million in XtremIO sales. EMC acquired XtremIO in 2012. CJ Desai, president of EMC's Emerging Technology Products Division, asserted in a statement that progress within that time, "vaulted EMC to #1 in the all-flash array market a mere six weeks after general availability."

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on July 08, 2014