Seagate-Micron Alliance Delivers Its First Enterprise SSDs

By Pedro Hernandez

On Feb. 15, Seagate and Micron announced a strategic partnership to develop enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) and ensure a steady supply of NAND flash ships to Seagate.

"The collaboration will assure both Seagate and Micron target the growing enterprise flash market with industry-leading offerings across both of our product portfolios," said Darren Thomas, Vice President of Storage at Micron at the time. "The relationship provides Micron access to enterprise drive technology and platforms, expanding our portfolio and accelerating our push into the enterprise market segment."

Today, the companies announced the first products to come out of the partnership.

Seagate's NEW 1200.2 line of 2.5-inch SAS SSDs offers a drive for practically every type of implementation, from write-intensive workloads to read-heavy workloads, said Kent Smith, senior director of product marketing at Seagate. Micron will also be offering the SSDs in its S600DC Series product line.

"There's such a wide variance of endurance that [organizations] have to use," noted Smith in an interview with InfoStor. Seagate's goal was to streamline its portfolio of enterprise SAS SSDs by building "a single platform with a wide range of endurance and wide range of capacity."

The 1200.2 SSD portfolio is divided up into endurance tiers. The write-intensive HE branded drives can sustain up to 25 drive wipes per day (DWPD) while the mixed-use ME can handle up to 10 complete wipes per day. DWPD ratings for the read-intensive LE and SE model are three and one, respectively.

To further improve reliability and data accessibility, the companies also enlisted next-gen power loss protection (PLP) to protect data in flight during a power interruption. The drives also feature full internal and external data path protection, as well as NAND-optimized error recovery, detection and correction. On the data security front, the self-encrypting drives are Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-complaint.

In terms of longevity, they provide "full, five-year drive life even under the most intensive write workloads," Smith said. Capacities range from 200 GB and 400 GB for 1200.2 HE SSDs to up to 3.84 TB for the LE and SE models.

Courtesy of firmware and hardware optimizations, the drives can saturate a 12 Gb/s SAS channel. In a dual-channel (24 Gb/s) active-active configuration, a 1200.2 SSD can deliver data throughput of up to 1800 MB per second.

Seagate's 1200.2 SAS SSDs start shipping to channel partners this month. The company will be demoing the drives at next week's Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Calif.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

This article was originally published on August 04, 2015