ESG Lab Review: EMC Avamar 6.0

Posted on August 28, 2011


Growing data volumes mean larger and larger backups. These backups slow application performance and lead to higher costs for storage equipment, data center energy and floor space, network bandwidth, and data management processes. Recent ESG research indicates that the use of deduplication technology is increasing among both enterprise and mid-market organizations. Deduplication solutions can help organizations reduce the amount of data being backed up, saving money and eliminating the performance hit.

EMC offers two deduplication solutions: EMC Avamar, which deduplicates at the client side before sending backup data over the network, and EMC Data Domain, which deduplicates after backup data has been sent to the target. With the release of Avamar 6.0, EMC has integrated these two solutions and enhanced capabilities for VMware backup—upgrading hardware, adding application support, and improving management capabilities.

Improvements to performance and capabilities of any IT process are always welcome, particularly with backup and recovery, which has been a challenge to IT administrators from the beginning. The improvements EMC has made in this latest release of Avamar are focused on customer choice, simpler data protection, and wider application support.

Based on hands-on testing of EMC Avamar 6.0 in an EMC solutions lab in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, this ESG Lab Validation focuses on how these new features can improve data protection performance and management.

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