ESG Lab Review: Nutanix Complete ClusterServer

Posted on November 08, 2011


Virtualization is driving widespread and fundamental change. IT organizations struggle to meet exponentially increasing demand for network and storage resources in support of virtualized deployments. Network administrators struggle with hardware and tools that were not designed for virtual technology and find it challenging to map VLANs and other networking segmentation to a virtual infrastructure. Storage administrators cite the ever increasing storage requirements for an exploding virtual environment and challenges with managing growth to meet demand.

Virtualization will continue to be a disruptive force for IT, requiring new ways of thinking about compute and storage environments as scalability and elasticity become paramount. Nutanix’s new integrated, scale-out computing platform delivers server, hypervisor, and storage components together in one system. Complete Cluster is a seamless cluster of blocks that enables organizations to scale out incrementally from a single block to as many as they need, but still manage a single, unified system. Four server nodes are included in each 2U block and are built to host and store virtual machines with a standard hypervisor running on each node. A Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine on each host manages storage for virtual machines on the host. Controller VMs work together to manage storage across the cluster as a seamless pool.  Standard VMware features like vMotion, are supported by Nutanix Complete Cluster.

This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of the Nutanix Complete Cluster, highlighting its ease of use and support for enterprise class data management in virtual environments.

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