ESG Lab Review: Permabit Albireo SDK

Posted on October 21, 2011


Back in 2001, when Data Domain was founded and EMC purchased Belgian startup FilePool for its Centera product line, few in the industry had heard of data deduplication. Fewer still were aware that Permabit, founded in 2000, was hard at work developing scalable data deduplication technology. So what’s the big deal with deduplication? It’s actually rather simple: deduplication reduces storage capacity requirements up to 99 percent. In other words, IT managers can squeeze up to a hundred times more out of each dollar they spend on disk capacity. As a result, it’s no surprise that it’s hard to find anyone in the storage industry who hasn’t heard about data deduplication.

Permabit’s field-proven data deduplication engine is now available as a software library and software development kit (SDK) which enables unified data deduplication.ESG Lab initially evaluated the Albireo SDK during two days of hands-on testing at Permabit headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts in late 2009 and performed an audit of resource and performance improvements in 2011.

This updated ESG Lab Validation report documents the results of hands-on testing of the Permabit Albireo SDK which focused on: ease of integration into existing solutions, capacity savings that can be achieved with real-world data, resource usage, and fault tolerance.  This report also examines the progress that has been made over the past 18 months with a focus on grid scalability and performance improvements.

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