ESG Lab Review: VMware vSphere 5

Posted on November 11, 2011


Many organizations are currently reaping benefits of server virtualization that include lower IT capital and operating costs and greater IT efficiency. Organizations with server virtualization experience are moving beyond these benefits to improve application provisioning, maintenance, availability, and backup/recovery processes. Server virtualization’s benefits appear to be closely correlated to users’ experience and confidence in the technology.

While server virtualization adoption continues to gain momentum, IT organizations still have numerous hurdles to overcome in order to move closer to a 100 percent virtualized data center. ESG’s data indicates that many organizations struggle with concerns over performance, technology complexity, integration, security, organizational confusion, and a basic lack of knowledge and skills that they believe will be vitally important when virtualizing tier-1 application environments.

A growing number of businesses are looking beyond the initial benefits of increased consolidation and manageability that can be achieved when virtualizing large scale application workloads, but performance concerns are among the reasons most cited as preventing companies from using virtualization more pervasively.

This report presents the results of ESG Lab testing of the performance and scalability of VMware vSphere 5 running large scale tier-1 applications. Testing was conducted with virtualized large scale application workloads running on industry standard x86 servers running VMware vSphere 5 virtualization software. The tests were designed to confirm that VMware virtualized infrastructure can be used to lower cost of ownership, increase scalability, and provide excellent performance while maintaining the reliability and availability required by tier-1 applications.

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