ESG Lab Validation

Quantum DXi7500 - Deduplicated backup for the enterprise
December 17, 2008 -- This report examines in detail Quantum's new enterprise-focused DXi7500 platform, featuring policy-based deduplication, which allows users to choose between deduplication methods. ESG lab also explores the DXi7500's role in a full edge-to-core data protection solution, focusing on bandwidth-optimized remote replication, physical tape integration as well as performance and scalability optimized for data requirements.
Dell PowerVault DL2000 powered by Symantec Backup Exec
December 15, 2008 -- The Dell PowerVault DL2000 is designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses broad-spectrum data protection for physical and virtual systems in a turnkey appliance. This ESG Lab Validation explores how the DL2000, pre-installed with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 software, can be deployed to protect critical data in about 20 minutes.
IBM Real-time Compression: Reducing Storage Capacity and Costs without Compromise
December 9, 2008 -- This ESG Lab report examines an innovative high speed data compression appliance from Storwize. Hands-on testing is used to demonstrate non-disruptive deployment, loss-less capacity savings, real-time performance, and non-stop fault tolerance.
3PAR 3cV - Virtual Utility Computing
December 2, 2008 -- In the real world, IT must combine hardware, software, and technologies from multiple vendors to solve business problems -- often with great effort and mixed success. First coined by a mutual customer, 3cV is the combination of 3PAR Utility Storage with HP BladeSystem c-Class servers and VMware Infrastructure. The partnership aims to simplify the implementation and integration of these three products into a single IT infrastructure. ESG Lab examined 3cV and evaluated its suitability as a blueprint for utility computing in today's complex and dynamic IT environments.