NAS Featured Articles

Virtual Instruments Debuts Analytics-Driven NAS Performance Monitoring
The company's infrastructure performance monitoring platform can now tackle both SAN and NAS environments.
A Cloud Hovers over the Growing Enterprise NAS Market
And not necessarily in a bad way. Cloud-enabled file storage systems will help the enterprise NAS market notch big gains over the next few years.
NAS Data Storage Buying Guide
These are some of the noteworthy products available in the NAS space.
Avere Debuts Entry-Level FXT 5200 Edge NAS Filer
The hybrid cloud storage company unveils the FXT 5200 Edge, a faster NAS filer for businesses considering moving some file services to the cloud.
Flash and the Cloud Gain Ground in Growing SMB NAS Market
A new forecast paints a rosy picture for small and midsized business file storage providers.
The Need for Modern Day Scale-Out NAS Products
Defining the next generation of scale-out enterprise storage
Buying Guide: Flash/Disk/Tape Data Storage Hybrids
Several companies are offering innovative storage solutions that combine tape with disk storage or flash.
Crossroads Claims Cloud Tape First with StrongBox 3.0
The company's latest NAS appliance enables cloud applications to store file and object data to LTFS tape and features multi-library support.
Vaultize Ships Secure File Sync Appliances
The company's MDM-friendly enterprise file sync and share platform is now available as a hardware appliance.
Disk Storage System Sales Slip in Q2: IDC
Data storage vendors experience a drop in demand for high-end systems for the fourth straight quarter.
Western Digital Gets NAS-ty with New Red Pro HDDs
The hard drive maker releases new drives for enterprise NAS systems and 6 TB model for SMB networked file storage environments.
EMC Swims in 'Data Lakes' with Isilon Updates
The company revamps NAS platform with new hardware and software, opening it up to advanced Big Data analytics.
OCZ Unveils Vector 180 SSD for Low-End Servers
The Toshiba subsidiary sets out to give modest server hardware a major performance boost with its latest 19nm MLC SSD.
Tarmin's GridBank 4.0 Targets Big Data, Social Media Analytics
The company's latest storage management platform taps into social media data streams for advanced analytics.
Caringo Announces Big Data-Aware Swarm Platform
The object storage specialist takes the wraps off a new software platform that unifies cloud, file, block and Big Data storage management.
Xyratex Unveils ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance
Storage for a post-Snowden world? The enterprise data storage specialist launches new hardware that has the potential to massively consolidate high-security government storage networks.
StoneFly Unveils DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance
The storage systems maker melds its backup and recovery technologies into an all-in-one storage appliance.
Avere Launches FXT 4800 Cloud-Friendly Filer
Company adds more SSD capacity and faster processors to help speed up the company's cloud-connected NAS filer.
NetApp Unveils Cloudy New FAS8000 Storage Line
The company rolls out a new product line that the company bets will emerge as a storage platform for cloud-enabled enterprise workloads.
Fibre Channel 128 Gbit in 2016: Really?
The Fiber Channel Industry Association's claim that 128 Gbit FC will be broadly available in 2016 seems hard to believe.
Tegile Targets SQL Server Performance with FlashVols
New feature "pins" SQL workloads to SSDs within the company's hybrid storage arrays.
Duracell Enters Cloud Storage Fray
Can the maker of AA batteries deliver AAA cloud backup and file syncing to compete against Box?
EMC Debuts InfoArchive 3.0
Structured or unstructured, EMC's "live archiving" tech breathes new life into application data archives.
Synology Debuts New RackStation NAS
New rackmount units shrink the company's desktop DiskStation hardware down to size.
StoneFly Unwraps Twin Scale Out NAS Appliances
Storage firm shows off a new line of NAS hardware built to handle massive rich media files and enable enterprise file-sharing.