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Cisco launches UCS rack servers, CNAs
October 9, 2009 -- Cisco is diving deeper into the data center with the additions of rack-mount servers, memory extension technology, and a new line of converged network adapters (CNAs) to its Unified Computing System (UCS).
Lab Review: Streaming multiple VM backups to minimize RTO
June 15, 2009 -- To meet a minimal recovery time objective (RTO), IT needs software that can run multiple VM backup processes in parallel, as well as HBAs, such as Brocade's 815 and 825, that are capable of streaming full-duplex I/O at wire speed.
Lab Review: SAN clarity in a virtual cloud
February 2, 2009 -- For IT administrators, all of the popular HBAs, whether from Brocade, Emulex or QLogic, provide a GUI-based management application. The important issue then becomes the ease and quickness with which IT administrators manipulate those managed-object hierarchies when performing SAN maintenance and problem discovery tasks.
Hifn ships dual-function storage NIC
January 27, 2009 -- Hifn is now offering the Express DS 4100, a multifunction PCI NIC with bandwidth optimization and encryption features aimed at storage applications that move data across Ethernet networks.
Brocade rolls out 8Gbps HBAs, switches
May 16, 2008 -- <B>May 16, 2008</B>—As Brocade builds momentum for its vision of unified networks in the data center, the company continues to roll out real-world hardware to support users suffering the limitations of existing fabrics as they deploy virtual server and storage infrastructures.
Who needs 8Gbps Fibre Channel?
March 1, 2008 -- <p>Every time the storage industry reaches a new milestone in interface performance, I question whether engineering excellence has outstripped end users&rsquo; actual requirements.</p>
Silverback enters iSCSI HBA market
October 20, 2005 -- <B>October 21, 2005</B>—Silverback Systems, known primarily as a chip vendor, plans to use next week's Storage Networking World conference in Orlando to make its entry into the nascent market for iSCSI host bus adapters (HBAs). The company will compete with existing iSCSI accelerator board vendors such as Adaptec, Alacritech, Intel, and QLogic.
Emulex Outlines iSCSI HBA Plans
March 21, 2001 -- This week, Emulex, one of the leading Fibre Channel host bus adapter vendors (along with QLogic), sketched its plans for HBAs based on the evolving iSCSI standard. iSCSI allows block-level I/O over standard IP networks, such as Ethernet.