Quantum offers NAS-based dedupe appliances

By Kevin Komiega

-- Quantum is out to expand its presence in the disk-based backup market through a new line of NAS-based disk backup and data deduplication appliances for midrange customers.

Announced today, the Quantum DXi6500 family of deduplicating backup appliances will initially be available in two preconfigured models with three more slated to join the family in early 2010. The systems are aimed at midrange environments with capacities ranging from 3TB up to 30 TB of primary data. Each model offers a NAS interface, data deduplication, and a common replication format that is compatible with the rest of Quantum's DXi-Series.

The new DXi6500  product family uses Intel's latest chipset, incorporates solid-state disk (SSD) drives and 10GbE connectivity to serve up NAS backup performance of up to 2TB per hour.

Quantum claims its combination of deduplication and replication can reduce the amount of disk required for backup and bandwidth needed for replication by 90% or more.

The DXi6500 appliances also work with a range of backup software products, including NetBackup via Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API, which provides a single point of management across sites and storage tiers, automating the process of catalog-aware backup replication and native tape creation. The DXi6500 also includes Quantum's esXpress software, which provides optimized backup for VMware environments.

In the past, Quantum has been front and center in the installation process, providing deployment services for customers. That is changing with the DXi6500 family as Quantum is letting its channel partners and end users take the lead as all DXi6500 models can be installed by the user or reseller.

"The DXi6500 is designed to be installed by the channel. We will only offer the installation services under somewhat unusual circumstances," says Steve Whitner, Quantum's marketing manager for the DXi line.

Whitner admits there is some product overlap between the DXi6500 series and the high-end DXi7500, but he says they are designed for completely different deployment scenarios.

"The DXi7500 is optimized for virtual tape libraries [VTLs] and Fibre Channel, and the DXi6500 is for Ethernet-based NAS environments," says Whitner.

Quantum is bundling the DXi6500 appliances with all licensed software features included. The appliances start at $64,000 and include data deduplication, replication and Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage support.

The first models of the DXi6500 family will be available in November.

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This article was originally published on October 21, 2009