Quadratec becomes Atempo, expands US presence


Last month, Quadratec, an independent vendor of backup-and-restore software in Europe, said it plans to expand its presence into US corporate and Internet data centers. The company, which has been renamed Atempo, will now maintain headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, as well as Paris, France.

The announcement roughly coincided with the 3.6 release of Time Navigator, the vendor's flagship backup-and-restore software.

"We don't want to compete head-on with the likes of Veritas. That would be a tough uphill battle," says Philippe Boyon, Atempo's vice president of marketing. Instead, he says the company will target niche markets, leveraging the software's strength in similar sectors abroad (see figure).

By focusing solely on the IT service provider market, Atempo believes it will be able to offer levels of quality of service that go beyond those of products from larger software vendors. The difference, says Boyon, is that Time Navigator is not a patchwork of technologies; it is a unified architecture that is built for storage networking (e.g., network-attached storage [NAS], storage area networks [SANs], and IP storage).

Current services include scalable deployment across multiple entities and tiers; Web-based restore and real-time monitoring for remote users; security through firewalls; and a collaborative business model, which gives users the option to pay for the software on a per-license or per-backed-up-gigabyte basis. Users can also track usage for accounting or billing purposes.

Atempo's Time Navigator targets outsourced IT service providers and internal data centers adopting a service provider model.
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Of these features, Atempo says security and pricing are key. While the cost of implementing its software on a per-license and per-gigabyte basis equals out over the long-term, the level of risk management is different, explains Boyon. The per-gigabyte pricing option enables users to control the up-front costs of implementing a backup/restore scheme. Pricing starts at $4,000.

In terms of security, Time Navigator not only allows users to create multiple security domains, but also to back up files from one domain to the other-a feature that the company claims is unique.

Also new to the 3.6 release are a unified user interface for navigating files and databases; macro-multiplexing capabilities, which enable faster restore speeds; direct-access restore on NAS devices; enhanced NAS/NDMP support; and support for IP storage. Existing features include built-in NDMP support for NAS and tape management, dynamic drive sharing across NAS and SAN, single-port backup for firewall security, synthetic backup for optimized network performance, and backup to disk or tape.

In the future, Atempo says it will focus on developing new types of service level agreements (from backup strategies to restore level agreements), enabling data partitioning, implementing new data paths, and improving scalability. The company is also targeting restore-only applications, which it says will "end backup as we know it."

This article was originally published on October 01, 2001