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SNIA begins SMI-S testing

The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), a management interface for multi-vendor storage networking products, is undergoing a six-month testing period as part of the newly formed CIM-SAN-2 Developer's Demonstration Program, which is sponsored by SNIA's Storage Management Forum. The first public demonstration of the CIM/WBEM-based SMI-S occurred last month at the Storage Networking World conference. The final specification will be delivered by year-end, according to SNIA.

Dell SAN bundle includes EMC CX200s

Dell recently shipped entry-level storage area network (SAN) configurations based on EMC's CX200 disk arrays, which Dell is now manufacturing. The SANs are available for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database environments, as well as for file and print management and backup applications in Red Hat Linux and Windows environments.

Rapid recovery for Oracle

3PAR's Virtual Copy DBA provides disk-based backup and recovery for Oracle databases. Features include copy-on-write snapshots (which decreases the amount of disk space required), support for hundreds of snapshots per volume, readable and writable snapshots, and automation of backup/recovery administration tasks. The software works only with 3PAR hardware and Oracle databases, although versions for Microsoft Exchange and SQL are planned.

How fast is iSCSI?

In an attempt to demonstrate that iSCSI can handle I/O-intensive applications such as databases and OLTP—and compete with Fibre Channel on the performance front—chip vendor Silverback Systems has benchmarked its iSNAP 2100 processor at 92,000 I/Os per second, or 45MBps, per port. Testing was based on the Iometer benchmark, block sizes of 2KB to 8KB over Gigabit Ethernet, four iSCSI software initiators, and an iSNAP target device. Your mileage may vary. Silverback has not announced any major OEM deals for its silicon.

Broadcom swallows Gadzoox

Broadcom, which makes chips for broadband communications, has acquired most of the assets of the once high-flying Gadzoox Networks. Gadzoox was a pioneer in Fibre Channel silicon and switches and hit a market capitalization of $2 billion in 1999. However, it filed for bankruptcy in mid-2002.

Mountain View acquires Linux software

Mountain View Data acquired TurboLinux's PowerCockpit software for deploying, provisioning, and managing clusters of Intel-based servers running Windows or Linux. The software allows users to configure and manage racks of Linux and Windows servers and server blades in network and grid computing environments.

This article was originally published on May 01, 2003