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Posted on July 01, 2003



Network Appliance is opening up its APIs to any vendor developing storage management software for NetApp's products. More than 40 companies, including Computer Associates and Veritas, are already using the Manage OnTap API and software developer's kit (SDK). Software based on the APIs is expected within the next four months. The SDK includes APIs for managing systems, storage interfaces, block and file data, quotas and resources, and virtualization. Future versions of the SDK will include CIM interfaces.


EMC has licensed Storigen System's Centera Application Gateway (CAG), which enables organizations to integrate legacy fixed-content management applications with EMC's Centera content addressed storage (CAS) system. CAG provides online access to and long-term retention of various types of fixed content, including digital medical images, scanned insurance policies, or digital media.


Fresh off the heels of its acquisition of Inrange Technologies, CNT announced that its FC/9000 director now includes integrated MAN and WAN connections. The director supports protocols and technologies such as FCIP, CWDM, IP, Fibre Channel, FICON, ATM, SONET, and dedicated connections. The WAN addition comes via a 1U blade with two input ports and two output ports. The MAN blade has up to 16 input ports and two output ports.


iReady is developing single-chip iSCSI controllers and host bus adapters that the company claims will be the first to integrate iSCSI acceleration, full TCP/IP offload, line-rate IPSec security, and GigabitMAC and GigabitPHY (via a partnership with National Semiconductor). The ethernetMAX iSCSI controller and HBAs are expected to ship within the next month or two. iReady expects its HBAs to be priced significantly lower than HBAs from competitors such as Adaptec, Alacritech, and QLogic. iStor Networks, another start-up, is developing a target-side device for IP storage based on iSCSI. Features include a wire-rate 10GbE front-end that also supports up to eight GbE front-ends, volume virtualization, and management of cache, storage, enclosure, flow control, and congestion. The device is due by year-end.


Vixel has added Fujitsu Ltd. to its growing list of OEMs that have integrated the company's InSpeed SOC (switch on a chip) embedded technology. Fujitsu will use the chip in its Eternus 3000 Model 600 storage systems. InSpeed provides a switched back-end architecture for disk arrays as well as drive isolation and increased performance. Fujitsu claims performance of 150,000 IOPS on the Eternus 3000, which shipped this month. Other OEMs using Vixel's InSpeed SOC include Apple, Avid, BlueArc, Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Network Appliance, and Sun.

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