iSCSI: Dell switches reach 10Gbps

By Ann Silverthorn

—Dell recently released the PowerConnect 6200 series of Gigabit Ethernet switches, which complements the Dell/EMC CX iSCSI/Fibre Channel storage arrays. The new switches could help companies consolidate remote host and second-tier storage devices.

"iSCSI is easier to deploy than Fibre Channel, and it allows customers who are comfortable with Ethernet to deploy this type of solution and to use existing fabrics," says Larry Hart, senior manager for Dell Networking.

The PowerConnect 6200 series consists of two products: the 24-port 6224 and the 48-port 6248. The switches can accommodate up to four 10Gbps Ethernet ports.

Users can stack up to 12 of the 1U, rack-mountable 48-port switches together and manage them as a 576-port device with a single IP address.

The 6200 series is designed to offer advanced security, quality of service (QoS), Layer 3 routing, and low latency.

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) allow IT administrators to provide separate networks and to perform deep packet inspections for traffic, including iSCSI;
  • Flow-based and port-based QoS targets iSCSI traffic, prioritizing it according to users' requirements;
  • Latency ranges from one to two microseconds;
  • Layer 3 routing and multicast protocols help reduce congestion and better manage iSCSI traffic in the network. Layer 3 allows administrators to transfer traffic from one logical network to another. It also provides a high-speed transport between two disparate networks that may exist in the LAN.

The PowerConnect 6200 switches can be used as Ethernet-aggregation devices for data centers and for iSCSI storage arrays. Jumbo frame and IPv6 support are also included.

The 6224 and 6248 switches list for $1,799 and $2,499 respectively.
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This article was originally published on November 30, 2006