Sepaton ships VTL de-dupe appliances

By Kevin Komiega

—Disk-based backup vendor Sepaton has upgraded the speed and capacities of its line of virtual tape library (VTL) and data de-duplication appliances and added a new offering for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to kick the tires on data de-dupe technology.

Sepaton's S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance is available with 7TB of capacity and can potentially protect up to 200TB of data, in a 3U form factor. In addition to SMBs, the S2100-DS2 is targeted at departments in larger organizations.

"We're seeing a demand [for VTLs] in enterprises that want to install systems at remote locations, and we're also seeing the SMB space quickly picking up," says Linda Mentzer, Sepaton's vice president of marketing.

Like its bigger brother, the S2100-ES2, the S2100-DS2 uses Sepaton's ContentAware architecture to deliver data de-duplication without impacting the backup window. The DeltaStor appliances are used in tandem with Sepaton's S2100-ES2 Series 500 and S2100-DS2 VTLs to maintain backup-and-restore performance from 1TB per hour up to 17.2TB per hour by de-duplicating data outside of the primary data path.

The result, according to the company, is a de-duplication ratio ranging from 25:1 up to 50:1 for a typical mix of business application data such as e-mail, database, and files.

Meanwhile, Sepaton's other appliances got a boost from new hardware components.

The high-end S2100-ES2 Series 500 VTL now features 4Gbps Fibre Channel connections and scales from 7TB to more than 1PB. Integrated hardware compression can double those capacities. With the DeltaStor de-duplication appliance option, the appliance could scale up to 50PB.

The S2100-DS2 VTL, for SMBs and departmental environments, is available in 3.5TB and 7TB configurations and incorporates software compression to potentially double capacity up to 14TB.

The software remains the same, says Mentzer, but the underlying hardware platform has been completely revamped. "We are now using Intel servers in the VTL nodes instead of Dell servers, as well as 500GB SATA drives," says Mentzer. The appliances are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.

The S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance is priced at $75,000 for up to 100TB of capacity. Pricing for the S2100-ES2 Series 500 VTL starts at $59,000, while the S2100-DS2 VTL starts at less than $18,000. DeltaStor upgrades are also available for existing S2100 customers.

This article was originally published on February 16, 2007