EMC adds automated management software

By Kevin Komiega

—EMC continued to expand its portfolio of management software this week when the company announced four new products for automating network management, storage provisioning, application compliance, and performance reporting in the data center.

The storage provisioning piece of the software barrage is IT Process Centre, a tool that automates storage request tracking and reporting. IT Process Centre manages process request control by integrating with EMC ControlCenter to identify available storage resources.

IT Process Centre is the first in a planned family of software modules designed to automate IT processes and tasks across server, application, network, and storage domains. The software is priced from $150,000, not including installation and support services.

EMC also announced IT Compliance Analyzer ? Application Edition, EMC Smarts IPv6 Availability Manager, and IT Performance Reporter ? Network Edition.

IT Compliance Analyzer is designed to ensure configuration compliance of critical applications with internal IT governance policies, regulatory requirements, and best practices. IT Compliance Analyzer performs real-time analysis and alerts IT managers when applications violate compliance policies. The software will be available in October for a starting price of $27,000 and scales based on the number of managed servers.

EMC Smarts IPv6 Availability Manager automates the end-to-end problem correlation and analysis of IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The software is priced from $35,000.

IT Performance Reporter provides users with trending and historical data reporting on network availability and performance issues. The software will be available in October, starting at $15,000.

All four products are part of what EMC calls its IT service delivery portfolio, which consists of management software based on EMC Smarts and ControlCenter technologies.

Robert Quillin, senior director of product marketing in EMC's Resource Management Software Group, says automating the data center is the only way to manage massive infrastructure growth.

"Complexity is growing in terms of the need to manage both physical and virtual environments. When you simplify on one end by streamlining the server provisioning process you cause problems on the other end by making storage provisioning more complex," says Quillin. "The onus is upon us to develop technologies that map how applications use the infrastructure and harvest information to do better analysis, automation, and compliance."

This article was originally published on September 21, 2007