EVault unveils recovery platform

By Ann Silverthorn

—EVault, a Seagate company, this week introduced the Unified Recovery platform, which is powered by the company's InfoStage 6.0. The platform is joined by two other new features—backup-and-recovery Software as a Service (SaaS) and a set of new delivery options. EVault's integrated data-protection platform for both physical and virtual environments can be delivered via SaaS, licensed software, or managed services options.

The combination of WAN optimization and data reduction at the source with data de-duplication at the target forms the premise behind the Unified Recovery platform.

"Data de-duplication on the back-end gives you a smaller footprint and more efficiency without sacrificing performance and scalability," says Richard Heitmann, EVault's vice president of product management.

Because less data is sent over the wires, replication is streamlined, allowing users to have an alternate site at a collocation. Users have the option of either

  • InfoStage UltraRecovery, which replicates a local vault to an alternate vault off-site; or
  • InfoStage LocalRecovery, in which a local vault guards against outages and offers shorter backup and recovery windows.

EVault supports Windows (including Vista), NetWare, Linux, Unix, and VMware, and is an agent for the IBM i series. Applications supported include Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and some Microsoft clustering services.

As part of the second major segment of the InfoStage 6.0 platform, a VMware plug-in allows hot backups of virtual machines (VMs) while they're running, and can also provide full disaster recovery of all VMs, using EVault's DeltaPro technology (which only backs up new or changed blocks and then de-duplicates data on the back-end).

InfoStage 6.0 is available via SaaS, stand-alone software, and managed services.

  • With SaaS, the customer fully outsources its data to an EVault data center. EVault manages the environment 24x7, and pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee;
  • The stand-alone software option allows customers to own their hardware and software, manage their own environment, and pay a license fee and annual support costs; and
  • Finally, as a managed service, customers' own hardware and/or software can be housed anywhere, but EVault manages the environment 24x7. In this scenario, users pay a monthly management fee.

This article was originally published on September 26, 2007