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Posted on April 14, 2010


-- 3PAR and Oracle are offering customers the ability to improve storage efficiency in Oracle Database 11g and 10g  environments by reclaiming unused space with 3PAR Thin Persistence and Oracle's new Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Storage Reclamation utility. The Oracle utility allows users to identify unused ASM disk space, compact the ASM environment, and write zeros to the free space with a single command. 3PAR Thin Persistence is then used to detect the zero writes and eliminate the capacity associated with free space inside thin provisioned volumes on the 3PAR InServ array.

-- FalconStor Software announced the FalconStor HyperFS file system, a file system that simplifies the management of large files, providing high-speed, low-latency file access to heterogeneous clients across a global repository, according to the company. Rorke Data has integrated the HyperFS file system into its Galaxy Aurora family of SAN appliances to create a turnkey storage solution designed for post production, video-on-demand, content distribution, broadcast and other rich media environments. 

-- Front Porch Digital has entered into a software development agreement with EMC whereby Front Porch Digital will develop a migration gateway that makes it possible for EMC Avalon hierarchical storage management (HSM) users to transition to Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive CSM solution for digital video files.

-- Index Engines announced a joint development agreement with B&L Associates to allow Index Engines' product line to ingest backup catalogs created and managed by B&L's Archived Data Manager (ADM). B&L's ADM identifies inactive backup catalog data, and facilitates migration of that data to an ADM-managed catalog archive. Index Engines identifies inactive online data and enables the migration of this data to archival storage.

-- Consonus announced Consonus SAFE 2.0, an upgrade to the hosted e-mail and file systems archiving solution. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) configuration of Symantec Enterprise Vault, Consonus SAFE automates the migration, storage and retention of unstructured corporate data while improving performance, reducing costs and simplifying management.


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