Raidtec ships NAS engine, server



Raidtec ships NAS engine, server

Raidtec has begun shipments of a network-attached storage (NAS) engine for OEMs and systems integrators, as well as a server based on the engine. The nEngine V is an embedded "appliance" that comes in half-height or full-height 5.25-inch form factors, and includes a PCI slot for attachment to Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM, PRI, FDDI or a cable modem. The RAID-based engine supports Windows NT and Unix (SMB and NFS protocols), up to 30 Ultra2 LVD disk drives, and a PowerPC 750 CPU with 1MB of Level 2 cache and 64MB to 512MB of RAM. The appliance is based on Raidtec's FlashLinux operating system, an embedded version of the Linux 2.2 kernel that takes up less than 9MB.

The RAIDserver V12 server is based on the nEngine, and is positioned between enterprise NAS servers and entry-level EIDE devices. A fully-configured, 432GB version costs about $0.05/MB. The server supports up to 24 Ultra2 LVD drives, and includes two SCSI channels, two 10/100 Ethernet channels, and two serial ports. www.raidtec.com.

Sun expands StorEdge RAID family

Sun Microsystems' StorEdge A3500FC is a Fibre Channel-based RAID array that includes dual redundant controllers, power supplies and mirrored cache. An entry-level 91GB configuration is priced at $91,850; a fully configured 4.3TB version is $559,450. The array is available with 18GB or 36GB 10,000rpm disk drives. www.sun.com.

Inrange boosts switch port count

Inrange recently began shipments of a 64-port FC switch with fault-tolerant features such as redundant internal paths, control modules, power supplies, fans, and components. The FC/9000-64 is expandable in 8-port increments, and supports hard zoning. A 128-port and a 256-port switch is expected Q3. Inrange also sells the CD/ 9000, a 256-port channel director that supports FC, ESCON, and FICON; dense wavelength division multi plexers; bridges; and channel extension systems. The FC/9000-64 is priced at $3,300 or $3,500 per port, depending on class. www.inrange.com.

Chaparral to ship routers, appliances

Within the next month, Chaparral Network Storage hopes to ship a 180MBps router that will connect Fibre Channel to Ultra160 SCSI LVD devices. The company claims performance in excess of 15,000 I/Os per second. The FS2420 router includes a dual PCI bus architecture, two Fibre Channel ports and four LVD SCSI ports.

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Also within this quarter, Chaparral plans to ship evaluation versions of a "SAN appliance," which the company refers to as a "Data Mover," that will allow tape-to-disk, disk-to-tape or disk-to-disk data movement within a storage area network (SAN) environment. The device will eliminate the need for additional SCSI channels on traditional Fibre Channel routers, and can be directly attached to a Fibre Channel switch or hub. Result: server-free data movement in backup and data replication applications. www.chaparralnet.com.

DataDirect developing "SAN appliance"

In an attempt to simplify the implementation, scaling and management of storage area networks, while increasing performance, DataDirect Networks is developing a so-called "SAN appliance" that the company hopes to ship by mid-year. Beta versions shipped this month.

The SAN Data Director will provide server-less connection between workstations and storage resources, and will include some of the functionality typically included in discrete components such as switches and controllers. In addition, software modules will provide data management and security mechanisms, including logical unit number (LUN) masking. In general, the device will provide functionality equivalent to "storage domain managers" such as those from Dell (through its acquisition of ConvergeNet).

SAN Data Director will come in a fully redundant configuration to eliminate single points of failure. The initial configuration will include 28 ports: eight for front-end connectivity to clients and 20 for back-end connectivity to storage devices, typically in SCSI-over-Fibre Channel connections. www.datadirectnet.com.

LSI Logic teams with Veritas

LSI Logic and Veritas Software have jointly developed the Symbios Nextreme RAID array, which uses Veritas' Volume Manager and Logical Disk manager code. Implemented on a motherboard or host adapter, Nextreme is based on the Ultra160 SCSI standard and LSI's SYM53C1010 controller. Shipments are expected within the next two months.

LSI has also upgraded its PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI host adapter with increased memory -addressing capability and improved signal integrity. The single-channel SYM8953U board provides 64-bit addressing through dual address cycles. Pricing is less than $90 per unit in OEM quantities. www.lsilogic.com.

Quantum to ship 73GB, 10,000rpm drive

Last month, Quantum announced the 10,000rpm Atlas 10K II disk drive. Expected to ship next quarter, the 73.4GB drive has a 4.7msec seek time and 8MB cache buffer. Quantum officials say they have addressed drive noise concerns expressed by OEM customers through the development of Quiet Drive Technology. The drives will be available in 9.2GB, 18.4GB, 36.7GB, and 73.4GB versions, and include features such as automated bus management and domain validation. The Atlas drives are available with SCSI, Ultra160 SCSI, or Fibre Channel interfaces. MSRP is $325 for 9GB; $480 for 18GB; $720 for 36GB; and $1,300 for 73GB. www.quantum.com.

Adaptec targets channel with Ultra160 HBAs

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Adaptec has introduced to the channel four Ultra160 host bus adapters priced equivalently to the company's Ultra2 adapters. The boards are dubbed SCSI Card 39160 (64-bit PCI, dual channel, up to 30 devices), 29160 (64-bit PCI, single channel, maximum of 15 devices), 29160N (32-bit PCI, 15 devices), and the low-cost 19160. MSRP ranges from $259 for the 19160 to $399 for the 39160. Adaptec plans to phase out Ultra2 and UltraWide cards next quarter. www.adaptec.com.



Sutmyn adds HORC support

Sutmyn's Scimitar virtual tape libraries now support Hitachi Open Remote Copy (HORC), as well as EMC's SRDF Remote Copy Facility. The feature is standard with release 3.8 and higher on both Scimitar/VTS and VTSE products, enabling tape data to participate in remote-copy disaster recovery processes previously restricted to disk-based storage devices.

Support for HORC and other DASD-based remote copy facilities enables users to rapidly replicate data stored in Scimitar Tape Cache to different Scimitar Virtual Tape Servers, either locally or remotely.

Scimitar/VTS and VTSE support up to 128 virtual tape drives with tape cache capacities of up to 3TB. VTSE can be directly attached to StorageTek libraries and certified DASD from EMC, Hitachi, and Clariion. www.sutmyn.com.

Breece Hill intros eight libraries

Breece Hill recently unveiled eight libraries for low-end, mid-range, and enterprise markets. Low-end offerings include the B1 and D1-two single-drive, single-cartridge "shoe box" devices for up to 40GB of native capacity and a 6MBps transfer rate. The B1 uses Benchmark's DLT1 drive and is available on-line only; the D1 integrates Tandberg DLT7000 or 8000 drives.

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In the mid-range, Breece Hill introduced the 4.30/50 and 6.100 for up to 4TB of native capacity and a 36MBps native transfer rate. The 4.30/50 library can be configured with up to four DLT7000 or DLT8000 drives and 50 cartridges. For higher capacity and throughput, the Q6.100 can be configured with two to six drives and 100 cartridges for 4TB of native capacity and a 36MBps transfer rate.

For high-end applications, the 12.420, 15.350, and 18.280 provide flexibility for distributed open-systems implementations, including SANs. Standard Data IQ architecture facilitates network management and control of tape automation processes, while drive independence allows any mix of linear tape drives to be mounted using a universal load plate. Capacity spans from 11.2TB to 16.8TB and data rates from 143MBps to 216MBps. www.breecehill.com.

HP broadens high-end lineup

This month Hewlett-Packard is expected to begin shipping the HP SureStore E 10/180 tape library for enterprise environments. Fully configured, the library supports ten DLT8000 or six 9840 drives and 174 tape cartridges for 6.9TB of native capacity.

Other features include:

  • Dual fans, hot-swappable drive, dual power supplies with automatic failover, and alternate data paths
  • Support for SCSI and Fibre Channel (via a SCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge), and for DLT8000, 9840, LTO, and SuperDLT
  • Software for Windows NT, HP-UX, MPE/ix
  • Software support for Legato Networker, OmniBack III, and Veritas Netbackup
  • Remote or local device monitoring and management via a Web browser

Separately, HP also announced that the SureStore E 20/700, which was introduced in August, is now shipping with DLT8000 drives. www.hp.com.

Verbatim boosts ADR capacity

Verbatim last month announced the ADR70, a 35GB native capacity cartridge for use with OnStream's Advanced Digital Recording (ADR) technology. With this addition, Verbatim's ADR line-up now includes 15GB, 25GB, and 35GB (all native) cartridges.

The media features servo encoding and supports data transfer speeds up to 4MBps. For enhanced reliability, ADR incorporates Spatially Distributed error correction for lower bit error rates. ADR70 cartridges will be available this quarter at a street price of $69.95. www.verbatimcorp.com.



Ricoh debuts combo drive

Ricoh Corp. is currently shipping MediaMaster MP9060A, a four-in-one, CD-R/RW/ROM/DVD-ROM combination drive. MediaMaster users can read DVD-ROM and CD-ROM media, write to CD-R, and rewrite to CD-RW media. The MP9060A offers 6X CD recording speed, 4X CD rewriting, 24X CD-ROM reading and 4X DVD-ROM reading.

MediaMaster is bundled with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator, CD-R/RW pre-mastering software; DirectCD, CD-R/RW packet writing software; and Software Cinemaster, a DVD playback suite. MSRP is $399. www.ricohdms.com.

Chess ships 3TB CD/DVD libraries

Netherlands-based Chess DAX B.V. has opened a North American subsidiary, called Chess Archiving Technologies (Chess AT), which has begun shipments of smartDAX (Digital Archiving eXtendable) CD and DVD libraries. The network-attached storage (NAS) systems can hold as many as 700 CD or DVD discs, for capacities ranging from 455GB to 3.1TB per unit, in a 65x65x86-centimeter cabinet.

The libraries include four drives. In a CD version, the drives can be configured with one recorder and three readers, or with two recorders and readers. Other features include an embedded Solaris server and a front-end RAID system for caching. www.smartDAX.com.

Cygnet intros desktop CD library

Cygnet Storage Solutions recently introduced the id 100 CD library, designed for desktop PC and Macintosh applications. The library holds up to 100 CDs, which can be configured with one to five magazines, each containing up to 20 CDs. Capacities range from 65GB to 3.2TB. The id 100 contains field-replaceable drives, and can be upgraded to accommodate DVD drives. The library is bundled with Panarama CD file management software. Pricing for the PC and Macintosh versions is $3,499 and $3,899, respectively. www.cygnet.com.



MTI ships NT HA suite

MTI Technology's PathFinder for Windows NT is a software suite designed to provide failover capabilities to host-side Fibre Channel adapters for systems connected to MTI's Vivant storage servers. PathFinder alleviates potential failures and helps ensure continuous access in the data path between the host server and Fibre Channel storage device by finding alternate data paths. Pathfinder for Windows NT is priced at $3,500 per server. www.mti.com.

Software analyzes Fibre Channel networks

Finisar and Medusa Labs jointly developed the GT-SANmetrics software for analyzing Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs). The software reveals sources of performance problems, such as out of credit conditions, lost or incomplete I/O operations, high device latency times, and device starvation. Designed primarily for SCSI over Fibre Channel, it can also be used with other protocols such as IP and FICON. GT-SANmetrics works with Finisar's GT family of protocol analyzers and its GT-TraceView display software. Single-user copies are priced at $9,950. www.finisar.com.

IBM makes SAN upgrades to OS

Last month, IBM announced SAN upgrades to version 4.5 of its DYNIX/ptx operating system for the company's NUMA server line. The operating system now supports Fibre Channel Class 2, which enhances SAN diagnostic performance by detecting and offering confirmation delivery of data between SAN devices. This support also enables the server's multi-path I/O subsystem to detect errors and conduct re-tries via alternate paths.

The other SAN-related upgrade, SAN Diagnostics, continuously collects data across every component of the SAN and helps lower troubleshooting times with an early warning system that monitors SAN component performance. IBM also added the Application Region Manager workload management tool. www.ibm.com/servers.

This article was originally published on January 01, 2000