Cheetah runs at 10,000 rpm

Posted on December 01, 1997

Cheetah runs at 10,000 rpm

Seagate Technology plans to ship over the next few months the second generation of its 10,000-rpm Cheetah family. In comparison, most high-end drives top out at 7,200 rpm.

Available in low-profile or half-height versions, the drives store 4.5GB, 9.1GB, or 18.2GB. Seagate claims a seek time of less than 6msec, 2.99msec latency, and sustained transfer rates of more than 21MBps. In addition, the drives require 25% less power than Seagate`s first-generation Cheetahs. Interface options include Ultra2 SCSI or Fibre Channel.

OEM sampling began last month. Volume production is scheduled for the first quarter.

Also last month, Seagate announced a new line of Ultra SCSI drives that are positioned between the Barracuda and Cheetah families. Code-named "Big Bear," the drives rotate at 7,200 rpm and are available in 2/3/4-disk versions. Contact Seagate Technology at (408) 438-6550, www.seagate.com.