Artecon, Clariion "first" to support 18GB drives

Posted on December 01, 1997


Artecon, Clariion "first" to support 18GB drives

Both claiming to be the first to support 18GB drives, RAID vendors Artecon and Clariion began shipping arrays last month based on IBM`s 18GB 7,200rpm disk drives. Clariion incorporates the drives in its TeleStor arrays and the Fibre Channel-attached Series 3000 arrays. Due to the density of the 18GB drives, Clariion claims a 38% reduction in cost per MB and a 1.6TB capacity in less than five square feet. Contact Clariion at (800) 672-7729, www.clariion.com.

Artecon`s LynxArray incorporates a number of features to solve the heat problems caused by 18GB drives, including four hot-swap fans, enhanced air-flow paths, and compliance with the SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures (SAF-TE) specification. A 162GB LynxArray with nine 18GB drives is priced at $64,995, or $0.39 per MB. Contact Artecon at (760) 931-5500, www.artecon. com.

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