MTI enters NAS market

Posted on December 01, 1997

MTI enters NAS market

MTI Technology plans to begin shipping by the end of this month its first entry into the fast-growing market for network-attached storage (NAS), an alternative to server-attached storage. Strategic Research, a consulting firm in Santa Barbara, CA, predicts that as much as one third of all storage could be network-attached by the year 2000.

In a related move, MTI announced that it would become a founding member of the Storage Networking Industry Association. (For more information about SNIA, see News and Trends in this issue).

The Gladiator NAS is based on MTI`s Gladiator RAID array and a Pentium II-based network file server. The system can support three networks concurrently-- 10BaseT/ 100BaseT Ethernet or FDDI fiber. Priced at $125,000, a sample configuration consists of 256MB of memory, 146GB of RAID capacity, 32MB of cache, and a 100BaseT Ethernet adapter.

MTI also recently introduced its first Fibre Channel-based array--StorageWare FC--a low-end model with an eight-drive chassis. Contact MTI Technology Corp. at (800) 999-9684, www.mti.com.