Breece boosts DLT library capacity

Posted on December 01, 1997


Breece boosts DLT library capacity

At last month`s Comdex, Breece Hill Technologies introduced a DLT library that theoretically can scale to 118TB and 12 DLT drives. Breece also introduced the DataIQ architecture, which is designed primarily for server- level fault tolerance by eliminating single points of failure. The architecture also has user-replaceable modules to minimize downtime.

Also at Comdex, Breece announced the FireFox library, which supports Sony`s Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology while providing backward compatibility with Exabyte 8mm tapes. FireFox supports up to 60 cartridges and as many as four AIT drives for a maximum capacity of 3TB. The library is slated for availability in the next quarter. Contact Breece Hill at (303) 449-2673, www.breecehill.com.

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