Seagate ships 7,200-rpm Ultra ATA drives

Posted on December 01, 1997


Seagate ships 7,200-rpm Ultra ATA drives

Designed for desktops, Seagate`s Medalist Pro 9140 disk drives combine a 7,200-rpm rotation speed with an Ultra ATA interface. The 9.1GB drives incorporate fluid dynamic bearing motors, which use a viscous oil rather than traditional ball bearings. The drives are Seagate`s highest-capacity ATA drives.

Also in the 9140 family, the Medalist Pro 6530 is a 6.5GB drive with a 7,200-rpm spindle speed, 9.5-millisecond average seek time, and the Ultra ATA interface.

Both drives are slated for production shipments in the next quarter. Contact Seagate at

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