IBM brings SSA to Sun

Posted on December 01, 1997


IBM brings SSA to Sun

As Sun ramps up its second-generation Fibre Channel arrays (see News and Trends in this issue), IBM recently announced the availability of its Serial Storage Architecture (SSA)-based arrays for Sun platforms. The announcement comes on the heels of IBM`s claim to have shipped more than two petabytes of SSA storage or, as the press release says, "the equivalent of 1,200 round trips from Earth to the sun paved with text on standard printer paper laid end-to-end."

IBM`s SSA-to-Sun Sbus Interface Controller Card is part of Big Blue`s Seascape architecture. Coupled with IBM`s 7133 disk array, the adapter allows connection of up to four Sun servers. The subsystem supports Sun Ultra Enterprise 2, Sparc 20, 1000, and 2000 servers. For more information, contact IBM at

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