Hitachi releases 32X CD-ROM drives

Posted on December 01, 1997


Hitachi releases 32X CD-ROM drives

Boasting an average access time of 80msec and data rates of 14X to 32X, Hitachi`s 650MB CDR-8430 CD-ROM drives read data recorded on all types of CD media, including CD-R and CD-RW. Like previous CD-ROM drives from Hitachi, the CDR-8430 uses a constant angular velocity (CAV) rotation technology, which spins discs at a constant rate. As a result, data transfer rates increase as the optical reader head moves from the inner to the outer track of the disc.

Key specs include a spindle rotation speed of 7,490 rpm (2.1MBps on inner tracks to 4.8MBps on outer tracks), an E-IDE bus interface, and support for DMA Mode 2. Contact Hitachi America Ltd. at (650) 244-7610, www.hitachi.com.

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