Raidtec intros FC-AL RAID subsystem, controller

Posted on January 01, 1998


Raidtec intros FC-AL RAID subsystem, controller

Raidtec`s family of RAID products now includes Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) subsystems and PCI controllers. The FibreArray subsystem consists of seven drive bays, three power supplies, and three fans--all of which are hot-swappable. As many as 16 subsystems can be cascaded together, supporting 112 drives for up to 1TB of storage. FibreArray implements single- or dual-port bypass modules. The subsystem works with a variety of FC-AL controllers, including Raidtec`s FibreRAID-PCI, and comes with RAIDman software for management, administration, and local/remote alerts.

Raidtec`s FibreRAID PCI implements single or dual ports, with up to 100MBps per port. Two controllers double the potential throughput to 200MBps and offer an additional level of protection against a single point of failure. Users can configure from 8MB to 128MB of read or write cache. An optional removable battery-backed write cache module provides added protection in the event of controller failure. FibreArray and FibreRAID- PCI are available now, starting at $9,950. Contact Raidtec at (770) 664-6066 or visit www.raidtec.com.

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