Emulex enhances PCI Fibre Channel adapters

Posted on March 01, 1998


Emulex enhances PCI Fibre Channel adapters

To boost performance, Emulex has added "Superfly" ASIC technology to its line of LightPulse LP7000 PCI Fibre Channel host adapters. Emulex claims to have achieved more than 11,000 I/Os per second in a Windows NT environment. "Superfly" is based in part on the company`s "Firefly" architecture. The adapters use 233MHz StrongARM processors with on-chip instruction and data caches. Emulex provides software drivers for Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, Unixware, and NetWare. Production shipments begin this month. Single-unit pricing for the LP7000 with a copper interface is $1,495.


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