Winchester boosts I/O rates

Posted on April 01, 1998

Winchester boosts I/O rates

Winchester Systems` FlashDisk RAID arrays now sport improved I/O speeds. The departmental and enterprise versions deliver up to 9,779 operations/second on a sustained basis. The workgroup version provides 7,700 I/Os per second. These speeds represent a 27% increase over the company`s previous RAID arrays.

FlashDisk is compatible with HP 9000, IBM RS/6000, Intel Pentium and Pentium Pro, Sun Sparc, and Digital VAX and Alpha processors. The RAID systems are available in desktop, pedestal, and rackmount models, ranging from 9GB to more than 1TB.

The FlashDisk workgroup RAID systems start at $7,310 with a single Ultra-SCSI, 40MBps port and two 4.55GB Ultra-Wide SCSI disk drives totaling 9.1GB of storage. The departmental/enterprise models, equipped with 12 9.1GB drives and 109.2GB of storage, start at $36,256.