Storage Dimensions addresses fault tolerance

Posted on May 01, 1998


Storage Dimensions addresses fault tolerance

Eliminating a single point of failure, Storage Dimensions` SuperFlex uses a dual active RAID controller design in an enclosure that can scale to as much as 2TB. The RAID array is designed for Windows NT environments, including clustered configurations. In addition to fault tolerance, dual controllers enable load balancing among logical drives. The controllers come with 32MB to 128MB of cache each.

Based on a differential Ultra SCSI interface, the array can be configured with 4.3GB, 9.1GB, or 18.2GB disk drives. An entry-level configuration with six 4.3GB Fast/Wide drives is priced at $20,000. A system with 14 18.2GB drives is priced at $53,000. www.storagedimensions.com.

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