NSS ships NAS device

Posted on June 01, 1998

NSS ships NAS device

Adding to the growing ranks of vendors shipping NAS devices, Network Storage Solutions recently began delivery of its SPANStor-SE, -FT and -GT servers. The devices scale from single Network Processor-based units delivering 2,500 network operations per second at under 8-millisecond response times, according to NSS, to servers based on four Network Processors that can handle more than 10,000 network operations per second.

The SPANStor-SE includes up to 180GB of hot-swappable RAID capacity at an entry-level price of $14,000, or $0.20 per MB. SPANStor-FT includes dual Pentium II processors and full redundancy for $25,000. The GT model has an entry-level price of $38,000 and includes up to four Pentium IIs and as much as one terabyte of capacity.