Maxoptix ships DDS-3 drive

Posted on July 01, 1998


Maxoptix ships DDS-3 drive

Maxoptix has announced the MAXDAT3, a 12/24GB DAT drive based on the DDS-3 (digital data storage) recording format. The new drive can store 12GB of uncompressed data (24GB compressed) on a single cartridge and has a transfer rate of 1.2Mbps (2.4Mbps compressed). Other features include an access time of less than 45 seconds, an unrecoverable error rate of less than 10-15, and a SCSI-2 Fast/Narrow interface. MAXDAT3 media is backward read/write compatible with four generations of media: 125m DDS-3, 120m DDS-2, 90m DDS, and 60m DDS data cartridges. The drive is available with or without a SCSI card and comes with one 125m DDS-3 tape cartridge. The cost (with a SCSI interface): $1,415 internal, $1,554 external. www.maxoptix.com.

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