ATL lowers automated storage costs

Posted on July 01, 1998


ATL lowers automated storage costs

In late May, ATL Products announced the availability of the PL50 library hub. The new hub uses library partitioning technology to reduce storage automation costs. Up to three UNIX or NT backup servers running any data management software can be connected to a single ATL library.

An alternative to backing up over Ethernet, the PL50 has a direct SCSI connection to the library hub and the drives residing in the ATL library, enabling a 20MBps throughput (vs. 12.5MBps for Fast Ethernet and 1.5MBps for Ethernet). The hub supports ATL 7100, 520, and 2640 series libraries. No additional drives or software is required. Users configure the virtual library with point-and-click operations; robotics commands are routed to hub, where they are queued and performed in the sequence in which they are received. www.atlp.com.

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