Western Digital joins Ultra2 SCSI ranks

Posted on August 01, 1998


Western Digital joins Ultra2 SCSI ranks

Western Digital is shipping 3.5-inch 4.55GB and 9.1GB Ultra2 LVD (low voltage differential) drives in its WD Enterprise (WDE) family. Ultra2 SCSI provides a maximum transfer rate of 80MBps, extends cable distance to 12 meters (about 40 feet), and supports up to 16 devices. Integrators can combine Ultra and Ultra2 devices on the same bus. The drives incorporate Symbios? Ultra2 SCSI data controllers. Additional specs include an average seek time of 7.8 milliseconds and a rotational speed of 7,200rpm. For audio/video users, specialized AV-Optimized versions are available. www.westerndigital.com.

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