Ultra160/m SCSI due next year

Ultra160/m SCSI due next year

Zachary Shess

Following the SCSI Trade Association`s (STA) ratification of Ultra3 this summer, a group of vendors recently announced support of the Ultra160/m SCSI interface, which is based on the Ultra3 specification. Supporters include Adaptec, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, LSI Logic, Mylex, QLogic, and Quantum.

The group claims Ultra160/m will provide significant improvements in manageability, performance, and cost of ownership, based in part on the interface`s double transition clocking, cyclical redundancy checking and domain validation capabilities. The interface will double Ultra2 SCSI`s data transfer rate from 80MBps to 160MBps and will be compatible with earlier SCSI generations.

Ultra160/m SCSI drives are expected to begin shipping in 1999. However, some group officials believe full-scale implementation could be farther down the road. "We think this is a 2000-2001 opportunity," says Harry Mason, director of host marketing at LSI Logic. "The drivers behind this will be the data rates coming off the disk drives."

A broad range of applications are expected to use Ultra160/m SCSI, all linked by a common need for fast, data-intensive I/O coupled with safeguards to maintain information integrity. "We wanted to create an umbrella of features so that we could have a road map for future development. It`s important to have that as drive spin rates and areal densities increase," says Mason.

Additional information about Ultra160/m can be obtained by visiting the STA web site at www.scsita.org.

This article was originally published on November 01, 1998