LSI augments MetaStor NAS devices

LSI augments MetaStor NAS devices

On the heels of its acquisition of Symbios, LSI Logic recently began shipments of the next generation of MetaStor "intelligent storage hubs." The new devices add an integrated advanced intelligent tape (AIT) library and a Web-based graphical user interface (JetWorks Plus). The AIT library provides one terabyte (uncompressed) and a backup rate of up to 500GB per eight hours.

Models include the 180GB SH850 for workgroups; the 1TB+ SH7000 for departments; and the SH7400, which includes dual-active I/O paths and automatic failover and restore. Prices range from $70,000 for an SH850 ($0.39 per MB) to $400,000 for a fully-configured SH7400 ($0.37 per MB). Protocols supported include NFS, SMB/CIFS, NetWare and AppleTalk.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1998