Plextor rolls out CD-ROM, CD-R drives

Plextor rolls out CD-ROM, CD-R drives

In the last month, Plextor introduced two optical drives. The UltraPleX 40max is a 40x speed CD-ROM drive that spins media at more than 8,000rpm and supports Ultra SCSI burst transfer rates of 20MBps, with sustained transfer rates of 2.6MBps to 6MBps for standard CD-ROM and CD-R media. The UltraPleX reads CD-R/W media at 8x speeds. The drive contains a 512KB buffer with 80ms average random seek and 85ms average random read times. The UltraPleX 40max lists for $189 for the internal drive and $279 for the external version.

Plextor also introduced the PlexWriter 8/20 CD-R drive, its first 8x recorder. The drive reads CD-ROM and CD-R media at up to 20x maximum speeds with 170ms average access times. The PlexWriter includes a 4MB buffer to help prevent underrun and provides SCSI burst rates of 10MBps for both record and read functions. Available next month, the Plexwriter will list for $569 for the internal version and $659 for the external version.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1998