Yamaha ships CD-RW drives

Yamaha ships CD-RW drives

Yamaha Systems Technology recently unveiled two 4x CD-RW drives, both featuring 4x write/rewrite and 16x read speeds. The CRW4416S (SCSI interface) and CRW4416E (EIDE interface), offer the fastest rewrite speed of any CD-RW drive on the market, claim Yamaha officials. The drives incorporate all features of earlier Yamaha Multifunction CD-RW drives as well as a new z chip set and optical head.

The CDs produced by the CD-R function of the drives can be read on CD-ROM, CD-R, and Multi-Read CD/DVD drives. Media produced by the drives` CD-RW function can be read on Multi-Read CD/DVD drives. Additional features include 2MB DRAM data buffer to help eliminate buffer underrun; RapidLinked Packet Writing for higher performance; Flash ROM for easier downloading of firmware upgrades; and support of packet writing, track-at-once, and multi-session modes.

Both versions of the drives support eight standard formats, including CD-Digital Audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROMXA (both photo and video CD), CD-I, CD-G, CD-Extra, and Video CD. Pricing starts at $399.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1998