Fujifilm announces disks for Zip, Sony drives

Posted on March 01, 1999

Fujifilm announces disks for Zip, Sony drives

Fujifilm has announced a 250MB Zip 250 disk for Iomega`s Zip 250 drive. In addition to increasing capacity from 100MB, the new disk retains Fujifilm`s advanced super thin-layer and high output metal media (ATOMM) technology. The ATOMM coating provides high-density recording and increased durability. Shipments are expected later this quarter.

Fujifilm is now shipping its 3.5-inch, 200MB High Capacity Floppy Disk for use with Sony`s HiFD drive. Equipped with ATOMM technology, the 200MB HiFD disk can store the equivalent data of 140 1.44MB floppy disks or 22 minutes of CD-quality audio or 20 minutes of full-motion MPEG1 video. The suggested retail price is $13.99.