Maxtor adds UltraDMA drives

Posted on April 01, 1999


Maxtor adds UltraDMA drives

Last month, Maxtor introduced the DiamondMax Plus 5120 series of hard disk drives. The latest in the vendor`s line of 7,200rpm drives, the DiamondMax Plus 5120 series stores 5.1GB per platter, with total capacities up to 20.4GB. The drives are UltraDMA-compatible, and have an average seek time of 9msec. Once chip sets are available, Maxtor plans to add UltraDMA/66 interface compatibility. The HDD includes a 512KB cache buffer, giant magneto-resistive heads, and PIO Mode 4 and DMA Mode 2 compatibility. Pricing for the DiamondMax Plus 5120 20.4GB drive is $429.

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