Cybernetics offers three-in-one storage solution

Posted on May 01, 1999


Cybernetics offers three-in-one storage solution

Cybernetics last month announced the immediate availability of its Cybrid series, a storage solution that integrates Exabyte 8mm, DLTtape, and/or Jaz drives in a single enclosure. In doing so, Cybrid allows users to switch back and forth among technologies for trouble-free data exchange. The product is designed for digital video and multimedia applications, which require a variety of tape formats. Capacity and speed depend on the drives used. Cybrid works off-line, which means tape conversions don`t tie up hosts. An easy-to-read display provides a menu of functions and status information, including transfer rates, amount of tape remaining, etc. The series supports virtually all computer systems, as well as Media 100 and AVID editing systems.

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