Meridian Data ships 32GB Snap!

Posted on June 01, 1999

Meridian Data ships 32GB Snap!

Shortly before being acquired by Quantum last month, Meridian Data launched the second generation of its plug-and-play, network-attached Snap! server.

Now capable of storing up to 32GB, the models include version 2.0 of Meridien`s custom operating system, which includes compatibility with the AppleTalk protocol, making the server compatible with all major platforms.

The 32GB models include dual drives with RAID 0 and RAID 1 capabilities. Users can configure two physical drives as a single logical drive (RAID 0) or mirror one drive to the other (RAID 1).

Pricing for the 32GB Snap! starts at $2,495. Suggested retail price for the 8GB and 16GB models start at $995 and $1,795, respectively. www.snapserver.com.