Turnkey DVD creation from JVC

Posted on June 01, 1999

Turnkey DVD creation from JVC

JVC Professional Computer Products has combined with Minerva Systems, Zapex Technologies and Smart Storage to introduce True Video DVD Systems, a turnkey kit for creating DVD-ROM and/or DVD-Video discs. The devices enable multiple users to create content from their desktops, and then test the DVD image on the network by utilizing a high-speed network card.

To create content, a user can encode material in MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital elementary streams or multiplexed VOB asset files using Zapex`s encoder boards. The system also supports ISO 9660 (Level 1 and Level 3), Joliet, UDF and Hybrid formatting.

Adding Minerva`s optional Impression software provides users with non-linear editing or multimedia production capabilities through an easy-to-use GUI. With Smart Storage`s DVD RomMaker, the user can create a virtual DVD image and simulate playback performance on the targeted playback systems.

The True Video DVD "Turn-Key" system price starts at $35,995 and includes the DVD RomMaker software, hardware encoder and decoder, and multiple SCSI drives integrated in a dual Pentium II system running Windows NT. The "DVD Starter Kits" include the single PCI audio/video encoder and DVD RomMaker software for $18,995. www.jvc.net.