Ancot analyzer supports Ultra3, Ultra160/m

Posted on August 01, 1999


Ancot analyzer supports Ultra3, Ultra160/m

Ancot`s Ultra2160 SCSI Analyzer supports all of the Ultra3 SCSI specifications, including the subset commonly referred to as Ultra160/m. Analyzer features include a large trace memory (up to 16 million events); WarpSearch hardware search engine; control and operation over Ethernet and the Internet via a browser interface; and double-clocked timing resolution of four nanoseconds. Prices start at $6,995.

The higher speed of Ultra3 SCSI (160MBps) is achieved by "double transition" data transfers, which transfer data on both the rising and falling edges of the REQ/ACK handshake signals. Ultra3 adds a number of additional features, including cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error checking, domain validation, packetized SCSI, parallel protocol request (PPR), and quick arbitration and selection (QAS).

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